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Co-Founder & Commissioner |The Fan-Controlled  Sports & Entertainment 

Culver City, California, 90402

Ray Austin is a former professional football player for the Chicago Bears and an established actor and model, becoming Ariat Clothing and Boots  Official Model 2019. Ray's also the Co-Founder of  the Fan-Controlled Football Sports & Entertainment, the latest hot mobile sports technology platform. FCF is the world's first fan-run pro sports and entertainment league. Fan-Controlled Football has received a great amount of press including publications in GQ, Slate Magazine, Sports Illustrated Online, Pardon the Interruption, Fox Sports, Fortune, Forbes, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal just to name a few. The FCF and Ray Austin show no signs of slowing down. 

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Quavo Team Owner Announcement|BTS

Quavo Huncho Behind the Scenes video Fan Controlled Football


Ariat Photoshoot Behind the scenes


Ariat Photoshoot Black Lives Matter


NFL athletes that are more than athletes


Quavo Team Owner Promo 

Quavo Team Owner Annoucement



Ariat international Photoshoot|Ford Models|Ariat Model


Grand Canyon University Comercial

#MoreThanAnAthlete | Ep. 1

NFL athletes that are more than athletes

Tribute To Black Innovators|Patent 

Great Black Innovators US Patent Videographer Videogrpahy editor

U.S. Army Department Of Defense|Voice-Over

U.S. Army Department Of Defense|Voice-Over|Actor


| Joe Mason(ADR)

Ariat Model Photoshoot|Actor|Videographer
Chicago PD|Actor|Voice Over

| Black History Month

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco|Phoenix Suns|Black history Month
Empire FOX Actor Screen Actors Guild IMDB Tariji Henson Stewart Talent

| John Holloway

Empire|Fox|Actor|Model|Tariji Henson

Chicago Bear 100 Celebration 


Vocera photoshoot Ford Models Stewart Talent Actor Model


Ariat international Model Actor NFL Football Player

FCFL|Mike Tyson Announcement 

| Joe Mason 

Chicago PD


Form Models|Ariat Model|Actor|
Republic Services TV Commercial AD Model Actor Dad

Republic Services|Commercial

FORD Models|Open House 


Banner Health Photoshoot | Ford Models| Model, Actor, NFL football Player



Ariat international Model Actor NFL Football Player

| Guest Panel Speaker 

NFL Player|Mike Tyson|Fan Controlled Football

Gridiron Gaming 

| Panel Speaker 

Steven Hunter's|Autism Camp 

Marshawn Lynch Interview

NBA Talking Stick Steven Hunter Basketball

 Rainbow Push Panel 

Rainbow Push Jessee Jackson Guest Speaker

 Appearance on the NYSE

|FCFL Combine 

FCFL|Fans Call First Touchdown! 

NBA Star Steven Hunter's Bball Camp 

NFLPA Convention|Guest Speaker

Powered by

Black Is Tech|Guest Speaker

Television Shows

Empire on Fox Cookies Daddy Actor Model Father Tariji Henson

EMPIRE|FOX "John Holloway"

Empire on Fox Cookies Daddy Actor Model Father Tariji Henson

EMPIRE|FOX "John Holloway"

Chicago Fire|NBC|"Officer Hillar"

Chicago P.D.|ABC|"Officer Hillar"

Detroit 187 "Dutch"|ABC

CRISIS| ABC "Cedric, Kidnapper"

EMPIRE|FOX "John Holloway"

EMPIRE|FOX "John Holloway"

Chicago P.D.|ABC|"Officer Hillar"

Boss|Showtime|"Sherriff Harris"

Prison Break|FOX | "J-Cat"

Sirens|USA Network  


Target|National Commercial

Target|National Commercial

Listerine|National Commercial

Experian|National Commercial

Illinois Lottery|Regional Commercial

Illinois Lottery Commercial Actor Model

Coors|National Commercial 

Ford Escape |National Commercial

Illinois lottery|Regional Commercial

Illinois lottery TV Commerical Actor Model

Sears Craftsman|National Commercial 

Netflix|National Commercial

Illinois Lottery|Regional Commercial

Prince Fielder|National TV Commercial 

Illinois Tourism|National Commercial

Halmark|National Commercial

Southwest Airlines|National Commercial

Hartford Insurance|Regional Commercial 

U.S. Bank|National Commercial 

John Deere|National Commercial 

U.S. Bank|National Commercial "Obstructed"

Old Dominion|National Commercial

mcdonalds tv commerical actor model stewart talent

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