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29. Ray Austin - Is Your Goal Setting Strategy Effective?

Ruling Sports

Ray Austin is a former NFL player who was drafted by the New York Jets in the fifth round of the 1997 Draft. After football, he went on to successful modeling and acting careers. Today he is the co-founder of Fan Controlled Sports, where he is the commissioner of the Fan Controlled Football League. He also is a co-founder of Athlyt, an NIL platform.


Ray calls being drafted into the NFL, "a blessing and a curse." He uses this point to highlight for listeners that setting a goal is just the start of success; the ability to look beyond even one's biggest goal is what propels one to new heights.


In this episode, Ray discusses his childhood journey as an "Army brat," and how his football career unfolded. He shares a hilarious recruiting story featuring one of the greatest college football coaches in history and highlights the major risk he took to land at his dream college.


Playing alongside players like Peyton Manning, Ray explains how he approached the locker room and how it improved his game.


Ray tells listeners the gumption-filled story of how he transitioned into modeling and acting after the NFL.


He also imparts great advice for entrepreneurs. Using real-life stories from Fan Controlled Sports, he explains:


Why founders should focus on what won't work with their business instead of what will to ensure its success;

How to build trust with co-founders--even if they are people you barely know;

Why having a strong team is critical to a founder's success; and

How playing team sports is great preparation for entrepreneurship


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